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ISSN : 2233-6710(Print)
ISSN : 2384-2121(Online)
Journal of Asia Pacific Counseling Vol.1 No.2 pp.187-198

The Academic Career Experiences of Taiwanese Counseling and Psychology Educators Returning from the United States

Eunha Kim, Ingrid Hogge, Mayumi Nakamura, Wei-Hsing Fan

Adler School of Professional Psychology
Received May 12, 2011, Revision received July 22, 2011, Accepted August 23, 2011


This qualitative study explored the career experiences of eight Taiwanese counseling and psychology educators in anacademic environment. The participants had returned to Taiwan after studying in the United States. Three main clusters andfive themes emerged; the impact of US education (diverse experiences, and cultural comparisons and expectations); highworkloads; and adjustment to the environment (academia and the Taiwanese counseling profession). The participantsexpressed their favorable views of the interactive and collaborative atmosphere of the classroom andexpectations for theirstudents to actively participate in discussion. While the participants appreciated the opportunity to advance the Taiwanesecounseling profession, they reporteda lack of indigenous counseling models, literature, and teaching resources as majorbarriers to teaching effectively in Taiwan. A majority of participants experienced high workloads and a lack of resources,which interfered with their ability to engage in scholarship activities. Other challenges related to readjusting to thehierarchical structure in Taiwanese academia and traditional social norms.